ActionPad Server Setup

Mac Download

v3.0.0 (≥ Catalina) - Universal (Apple/Intel) - 14.2mb


Windows Download

v3.0.0 - Installer (exe) - 7.5mb


MacOS Mojave users and below must use ActionPad server Version 2, download and setup here.

ActionPad Server is licensed under the MIT license. By downwloading and installing ActionPad Server, you agree to this license.

Setup Instructions


Double click the DMG file you just downloaded. You should see something like this:

Once you have copied the ActionPad Server into your Applications folder, launch the app from the Applications folder.

You should see an icon appear in the top right of your menu bar. Clicking this icon allows you to interact with the server application to connect devices and change server settings.
When a device is connected, a prompt will ask for permission for ActionPad to use accessibility features to control the computer. You must allow this in "Security and Privacy -> Accessibility" in System Preferences for ActionPad server functionality to completely work.

Note: if you are updating from version 2, be sure to remove ActionPad Server from accessibility settings and re-add the new installation.


Download and double click the installer exe file. Verify with Windows that you trust this file, and this screen should come up:

Follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation. Once done, launch the ActionPad Server app. Windows Firewall may ask permission to run this app. If you want ActionPad to work over a private network, make sure you check the box to allow this. You should soon see an ActionPad bolt icon appear in your system tray at the bottom right of your screen. Right clicking this icon allows you to interact with the server application to connect devices and change server settings.

Connecting Devices

To connect devices, make sure the server is running, and both your computer and device are on the same Wi-Fi network. If it is your first time installing the server on your Mac/PC, it will be in pairing mode by default. If not, pairing mode must be enabled in the server tray menu. Press the "Connect Devices (Enable Pairing) button in the server menu to enable pairing mode and show the pairing info page, or the "Show Connect Devices Window" button if pairing mode is already enabled.

The server pairing page

The connect computers screen in-app

In-app, you can scan the QR code, or run a quick network scan to connect and pair with your computer. Once you have successfully connected to your computer from the app, the app will indicate a successful connection. You can disable pairing mode from the server menu for additional security, then you will be ready to use ActionPad to control your computer remotely. I hope you enjoy using ActionPad!

Usage and Troubleshooting

Check Out the Guide

For information on how to use ActionPad, please visit the ActionPad usage guide.

ActionPad Guide

Having Issues?

If you are having trouble connecting your device, please make sure you don't have any firewall or antivirus software preventing devices from connecting to the ActionPad server on your computer. Also please make sure you start the server on the same wifi network. If you get a message saying the server is having trouble running on the current port/address, please go into the ActionPad server settings menu and try a new port. If you do not see the server pairing page appear, try opening the page manually by going to http://localhost:2960/info in your browser.

If you change WiFi networks or your IP is changed while the ActionPad server running, you must restart the server from the server menu, and ensure you do not have any IP override set in your config file.

On Windows, if ActionPad Server works with only some applications and not others, try running the server as administrator.

Still having issues?

If you cannot seem to solve your problem, feel free to E-mail me at

Created by Andrew Arpasi - ActionPad Server on GitHub